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J MAZ Level 3 (820 points)

I just installed this- it's not popping up in Software Update but it did install on my UJ-835 drive. I haven't had the opportunity to see at what speed it will burn yet (I do have some 4x media that only burns at 2x most times though), but the fact that it installed has me a bit hopeful!

Anyone else gone for it and have anything to report?

PowerBook G4/ 1.67 / 1GB / 100GB, Mac OS X (10.4.6)
  • psonice Level 1 (0 points)
    I have a matshita UJ-825, and have never had it burning at more than 2x for dvd. It's a 4x drive. I've even had the drive replaced by apple - it's still the same. This update won't install, seems to not cover this drive. Any help, anyone?
  • Donald Morgan Level 6 (12,770 points)
    Let me see if I can help out.
    Just because your drive says it is capable of 8X doesn't mean it will burn at 8X.
    Depending on what you are using to try to burn with in the way of software, I suggest you burn at a slower Speed. like 2X. Apples Software is entry level and it works but many users find harder to use than the top of the line in burning software like Roxio's Toast 7.
    Here is the explination on the different DVD's.
    Just bear one thing in mind.
    When it comes to DVD Players, Formats, and Burners, of the hundreds of different manufactures, All are opting to be the Industry Standard, and it appears they insert there little chinks that almost force users to use there products exclusively.
    There is always a backlash from these marketing ploys.
    In a perfect world you would think any DVD would work in any DVD Player and Computer but sorry it is not so there are so many things that come into play. Format, Speed, Brand, Software used. Any one or combination can affect the process.
    The problem is multi-dimensional.
    First check in your particular profiler on EXACTLY what type(FORMAT) of DISK's your burner will burn.
    Next please do not just randomly go out and buy a spool of 30 50 or 100 disc's because they are on sale.
    There is a HUGE difference in the type format disc's you buy
    There is also a HUGE difference in the BRAND you choose, some are junk.
    There is also a HUGE Difference in the SPEED of the media you choose.
    If any one or a combination of any of the 3 mentioned above can cause burn error's or no burn at all or spit the disk out.
    So it is a good idea to do a little homework on your Optical Drive and see just exactly what it is capable of and what it will use for media.
    Many of the Media Manufactures are becomming aware that many of the Apple Burners are having trouble with there Media. Maxell has just come out with a brand new one that is. Maxell 16X DVD-R.
    The key is read the packaging. this new media tells you that it will burn at any speed from 1X through 16X, and it works very well on the older Optical Drives. I also opt to use the individual that include the cases there seems to be much better quality, not like that of the spools.
    Remember Apples Drives to date are much pickier than those used in the PC community.
    Cheers Don
  • J MAZ Level 3 (820 points)
    Thanks for all that information... it's very helpful!

    I'm sure you're aware of the massive amounts of problems with Superdrives (particularly the 835) as referenced in these forums. I know that DVD compatibility isn't that great across the board at this point, but it can be better than it is with this drive and I'm just hoping this firmware update helps out!

    Anyone else have an experience with this update... good or bad?

  • tjoe Level 1 (25 points)
    I have a 15" PB 1.67gb Hi-Res and get the messages "No updatable devices found"

    I supposedly have a Superdrive

    Does this mean the update is already installed? I did run the Apple Updater (with the iWeb update etc) It says my firmware revision is "FAAG" -- which I think it has always been.
  • psonice Level 1 (0 points)
    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I'm already aware of all that, and still have slow burn speed. Just a summary:

    The drive (the 825 matshita) supports dvd-r at 4x.
    I've only ever used dvd-r 4x or higher rated media, including 8x and 16x rated disks.
    I've only ever used high quality media, verbatim, maxell, ritech etc. I've used at least 5 different brands.
    I've used finder, disk utility, and toast 6 and 7 to burn.
    The maximum speed I've been offered by any of those applications is 2x.
    It takes 30minutes+ to burn a full disk, so it's not burning part of the disk at higher speed, part at slower speed as has been suggested to me previously.
    I've done a complete reinstall of the OS, no difference afterwards.
    Problem was there in osx 10.3, still there in 10.4.

    My local apple store did say they'd have another look after they replaced the drive, but I need the laptop for work every day, and can't really afford to be without it while it's checked out and repaired again at the moment. I'll have to wait I guess.
  • J MAZ Level 3 (820 points)
    The new firmware is GAND. I read on Versiontracker that it's not for all drives... what is your drive model? Mine is the dreaded UJ-835. I'm guessing yours is an 845 maybe?

    At any rate, I opened up toast and put a blank 8x media (can't remember the brand, it's from a spool... one that I had seen recommended here). Previously, Toast would only have the 1x and 2x options available, but this time everything through 8x was available. I didn't actually do a burn as I didn't have the time to test that, but that will be next on the list!
  • Jackie Shaheen Level 1 (10 points)
    I installed the firmware update on my powerbook superdrive.
    All went ok,however it still wants to burn DVD-R media (16X media) at 2X using latest toast.
    Tried several brands including Sony.

    I have an external Lacie and it burns all media at the media fastest speeds and some media even faster than the media highest speeds. The Lacie never makes a coaster either. Don't even breath on a superdrive while it is burning.

    Same thing on an imac superdrive which I returned to apple for a refund.

    These superdrives are just junk. End of story for me.

    powerbook G4 1.5GHZ   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  
  • Jon Løvstad Level 1 (0 points)
    My 2 cents here...

    I had a spindle of SONY brand 1-8x rated discs, labeled "DVD-R v2.0 1-8x" on the disc (at the centre). They burned at 8x. By mistake, I also had a SONY DVD+R spindle, this one labeled "DVD+R v1.2 1-8x". When I ran out of DVD-R's I got onto the +R spindle and they burned at 2x max, giving the options "Best", "1x" and "2x" in Toast. I also went out and got a smaller spindle of Imation brand 8x rated discs which got the same speed as the +R ones. I got myself another spindle of SONY DVD-R's, this time reading "DVD-R v2.1 1-16x". These also burned like the +R and the Imation, at 2x max.

    Last night I installed the firmware update and my findings are as follows:

    SONY DVD-R v2.1 (1-16x): Burns at 8x speed
    SONY DVD+R v1.2 (1-8x): Burns at 2x max, but now the "1x" option is no longer showing in Toast
    Imation DVD-R 8x: Burns at 2x max, just like before
  • tjoe Level 1 (25 points)
    Mine has an 846 and would not take the upgrade.

    However, my results are pretty much the same...

    DVD-R burns usually at 8x
    DVD+R burns usually only at 2x
  • Tommy jr Level 1 (40 points)
    I have 2 12" PB with UJ 845e dvd drives ... i get the same message , "no updateable devices at this time" ... i tried using the update via the dmg disc image from the desktop and the finder ... however , now when i open recorder preferences in toast , i get 1x thru 56x for cd burning and 1x thru 16x for dvd's .... i use apple , verbatim and tdk media ... haven't burned anything yet , but i'm getting on it in a few minutes .
  • jrg_uk Level 3 (720 points)
    Apple's knowledgebase article suggests it isn't applicable to the Hi-Res PowerBook models (the so called dual-layer ones) because it doesn't list them in the System Requirements section (they always mention the DL machine seperately.)
  • leoofborg Level 1 (10 points)
    This -seems- to be a Firmware upgrade for the UJ-835.

    I ran the same firmware updater on my MacMiniG4, and 15" Al_Book.

    The Al_Book has a UJ-845 in it, and did not take the update.

    The Mini has the UJ-835 and -did- take the update. Seems to burn DVD-Rs faster now.

    To Apple Support: Why don't you put the series number that the updater covers? Do you think that we're clueless Windoze users?

    Love and Kisses,

    Who tests on your hardware half the time for a living

    Various   Mac OS X (10.4.6)
  • J MAZ Level 3 (820 points)
    I just burned a full 4.35 GB data dvd and it took 15min from start to eject (not counting verification- I was using Toast).
    I had 1-8x available on the menu and I simply chose best.

    I googled around for a chart to tell me at what speed that was burning at but I couldn't find one. So I'm not really sure if it's fixed any of my 835's problems or not!
  • leoofborg Level 1 (10 points)
    So... I looked at my Mini, it has the UJ-835F, and the firmware is now GGND.

    In the same burning situation [burning a TDK DVD-R] my burn time has gone from 24 -> 12 minutes give or take, so... Thanks, Apple!

    If you're still having problems then you need to contact Apple with the -precise- series number of the 835 you have, as I am guessing that these drives are OEM from Matsushita and there's probably -some- variance between manufacturing dates.

    Again, Apple please- Show us the product numbers instead of hiding behind your vague hardware descriptions. Everyone here knows about Apple System Profiler, right?

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