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I's tried everything I could find online regarding setup of itunes on my PC to connect to my Apple TV (3rd), No matter what I do, it does not show up under computers.  Everything else works. Any ideas? 

Apple TV, iOS 6.1.4
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    Nearly always problems like that have to do with firewalls, router settings, virus software etc on your PC

    Apple has a KB article on the fine points (what ports to open and other settings)


    I'll assume you've done the basics: made sure that the name of your network is broadcast, enabled home sharing in iTunes, iTunes is running.

    an aside: IMHO best bet network wise WPA2 for nearly everything)


    Anyway, here are some links that may help


    one about tshooting Wireless issues:



    This one has to do with opening the required ports:




    anyway I found both very quickly via Apples ATV support:


    worth bookmarking... a more thourough search is likely to help



    Lastly, you might even try calling Apple if you're still under warranty..