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I have a 2 1/2 hour program I cut in FCP7 with chapter markers for DVD Studio Pro. I tried to burn a DVD in DVDStudioPro and was told program was too long. What can I do now to fit it onto 1 DVD and still have chapter markers? I'm not much of an editor and was forced to do this project when my "real" editor had to bale.



This is an SD project.

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    Open up Compressor and find the 150 minute DVD preset. The data rate should be around 3.7.


    You will also need to encode the audio as AC3.


    Then open up DVDSP and drag in those two files. If you don't have enough space, you'll want to re-encode the video at something like 3.5.


    Have fun.



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    The setting will tell you how many minutes you can expect to fit on a standard DVD-5 when you adjust the average data rate. Maximum bit rate will not effect how many minutes will fit on the disc. You may want to do a one minute test of a complex part of the video (lots of motion, pans, etc) to see what it will look like. You could be disappointed with the quality.


    The alternative would be to make a dual-layer disc but unless you are having them manufactured vs. duplicated playback compatibility could be less than desirable with DL+/- media. Studios almost always make dual-layer discs (manufactured from a glass master at a replication facility) to ensure that the highest quality encoding can be used and will fit on the DL disc.