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Greetings, I created a small video on Final Cut Pro 6 for our church. I then imported to IDVD for a quick DVD, everything seemed normal, video and audio were great. However, when we went to play it at church, there was no sound. The program that our church tech imported it to was PC based. should I be changing my audio output or something in FCP or IDVD. Please help, for I would like to continue to show videos at our church.

Power Mac G5 dual 2 ghz (late 2005), Mac OS X (10.5.8), 3 gig Ram 500 gig HD, 1 TB Ext HD
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    This problem resides with your PC tech.


    Why not simply play the video using a DVD player?



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    Long story short, she says that she's trying to run everything off of the worship program and trying to avoid multiple setups, it plays on a dvd player just fine and she can get it to play video but no sound. could it be that this program she is using doesn't recognize the IDVD codec?

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    If the video was made in iDVD, and plays correctly on a set top DVD player, then the problem is the software (or the operator of the software) they are using to ingest the DVD.


    Ask the person you are in contact with, if the software they are using can accept your video as a file instead of a finished DVD - and if so, in what file format.


    If the formats acceptable to the PC software are standard video formats, you will be able to export your video from FCP as a QuickTime file, then take that exported file into Compressor and convert it to the file format specified for delivery.



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    I asked our tech what was her preferred codec for our system, she said .wmv or .avi. She also mention that Mpeg 2 might work but definately not Mpeg 4. Is there a way to convert this video to wmv or avi?

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    For wmv, you will need to get Flip4Mac Studio:



    for Mpeg2, can use Compressor, it has the presets to make the conversion. You will need to find out if they want an MPEG 2 transport stream and any other requirements.




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    thank you so much Meg, your responses have been very helpful. While I was waiting for your response, I downloaded a progam called "Any Video Converter". I was able to convert mov. file to wmv. and avi. I tested it on my duaghters pc laptop and it seemed to work their. And as a side note, the DVD I created off of IDVD played just fine as well. I will take all these files to church tomorrow and test them out. Wish me luck.





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    Hope it works for you.

    Make sure you take the files on media formatted for PC, as PCs cannot read drives formatted for Mac. A USB stick will likely be formatted correctly to read on the PC.




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    Not sure what the story is with later versions of windows, (post xp) but windows xp by default did not come with dvd video playing software.  You had to buy a seperate piece of software or a mpeg2 decoder.  This might be what's causing the problem.