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Hello everyone...


I am having a simpel problem with my Appel Mail. Which I basically caused myself but am lost as to HOW to rectfy teh situation...


I have 6 accounts I use for work/personal emails via the Apple Mail app. A recipient  of my email messages recently notified me tha tteh 'reply to" email address had a typo in it, the reply to email had an extra "S" in it hence they received a "bounce-back" message. It is from a "gee-mail" account.


Q1: Where would go within Apple Mail to attempt resolve this?




Q1.1 : ....could the problem be within the 'Gee-Mail" site, where I mistakenly entered my address incorrectly?


Any sort of guidance would be appreciated, thank you for reviewing my question.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)