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Meant I keep getting a central alert box stating Connect to iTunes to use push notifications. One app now doesn't work as this startup alert just loops.

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    Hi ManxScoobie,


    You may need to adjust the settings for your Notifications.


    See the article below about how Push Notifications affects cellular data


    iOS: About cellular data usage


    The iPad User Guide below explains how to change Notification settings on the iPad for all or individual apps (see page 113).




    Do Not Disturb & Notifications

    Push notifications appear in Notification Center and alert you to new information, even when the associated app isn’t running. Notifications vary by app, but may include text or sound alerts, and a numbered badge on the app icon on the Home screen.


    Turn an app’s notifications on or off: Go to Settings > Notifications. Tap an item in the list, then turn notifications on or off for that item. Apps that have notifications turned off appear in the Not In Notification Center list.

    Change how notifications appear: Go to Settings > Notifications. You can:


    Change the number of notifications: Choose an item in the In Notification Center list. To set how many notifications of this type appear in Notification Center, tap Show.

    Change the alert styles: Choose an item in the In Notification Center list. Choose an alert style, or select None to turn off alerts and banners. Notifications will still appear in Notification Center.

    Change the order of notifications: Tap Edit. Drag the notifications into the order you want. To turn off a notification, drag it to the Not In Notification Center list.

    Display numbered badges on apps with notifications: Choose an item in the In Notification Center list and turn on Badge App Icon.

    Hide alerts from an app when iPad is locked: Choose the app in the In Notification Center list, then turn off “View in Lock Screen.”


    Some apps have additional options. For example, Messages lets you specify whether to include message previews in the notification, or whether to display iMessage notifications only from senders who are in Contacts.



    I hope this information helps ....


    - Judy