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I have long sequence, in which I have some Channel Swap effects.  I get an error message saying it can't be rendered for a sequence this long (72 minutes) with my hardware (2009 iMac running OS 10.6.8).  When I try to export to QuickTime, it tells me "Codec not found." I'm trying to export to Apple Pro Res HQ.  What should I do?  I took out the Channel Swap effects and didn't get the message anymore in the sequence, but I'm afraid the codec issue will crop up again, even though I changed it to Apple Pro Res in the Render Options tab under Sequence settings, rather than just "Same as Sequence".  Eventually, I will have to export to HQ, and I'm not sure this codec lets me do that.  Help!

Final Cut Pro 6, Mac OS X (10.6.8)