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I have long sequence, in which I have some Channel Swap effects.  I get an error message saying it can't be rendered for a sequence this long (72 minutes) with my hardware (2009 iMac running OS 10.6.8).  When I try to export to QuickTime, it tells me "Codec not found." I'm trying to export to Apple Pro Res HQ.  What should I do?  I took out the Channel Swap effects and didn't get the message anymore in the sequence, but I'm afraid the codec issue will crop up again, even though I changed it to Apple Pro Res in the Render Options tab under Sequence settings, rather than just "Same as Sequence".  Eventually, I will have to export to HQ, and I'm not sure this codec lets me do that.  Help!

Final Cut Pro 6, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    What is the codec of the footage in the sequence?

  • Shane Ross Level 8 (42,795 points)

    Also...do you have any stills in the sequence? If so, they need to be in the RBG color space, not CMYK.  CMYK stills will cause that error

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    You don't give any details about your format or sequence settings, so I'll be general here.


    Just a couple of observations...


    The only time limitation messages I've seen (in the last decade) have been resource-oriented, not NLE constraints so if your system doesn't like a 72-minute sequence I'd be looking at drive space or something like that. Have you tried outputting two 36-minute pieces?


    I don't understand your logic in using the sequence codec option (which is limited to two specific formats) to control output of the sequence rather than the output "same as sequence" dropdown) options. Personally, I don't use either, I output the sequence as is and transcode in Compressor.


    Simple as it sounds, "Codec not found" generally means exactly that, so I'd be looking at whether the codecs need to be re-installed.


    Hope this helps