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Anyone experience this and know what the deal is?


My phone has recently been wiped and restored as a new device to address a very large "Other" situation.   I diligently backup my photos regularly to my PC, and erase the local copy on my phone.   So, my camera roll is empty.


My iCloud backups have been creeping larger and I see that the Camera Roll backup component of my backup is now over 600MB.    I would assume this number should be 0MB or very close to it, especially since last night's automatic backup occured after I transferred off over 150 pictures.


Incidentally, my iPad has an empty camera roll as well and it too has a backup but at a much smaller size of 6MB.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.2
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    Settings>iCloud>Storage & Backup.Manage Storage. Look there to see what's taking up all the space.

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    Camera Roll - 600MB.

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    We have the same problem...Camera Roll in Backup Options says it takes 2.5GB, but the Usage/Storage of the Photos & Camera is only 247MB, with only 101 photos and no videos.  When hooked up to a Windows 7 PC, it shows around 220MB in the folder.  How do I get the iCloud backup storage for the Camera Roll to use less space?  Or does it take so many backups that it still has photos from months ago?

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    I found a possible solution for you.  I had 1.6 gb of photos being backed up to icloud, yet had no pictures on my phone / camera roll after my backup to iphoto.  I simply went to manage storage, checked on my iphone, slid the little "on" switch next to the camera roll to "off".  A prompt / warning came up about deleting the photos.  I said yes, waited a sec and fliped the switch back to "on" and viola - the camera roll backup is under 1MB.  It seems you just have to force the iphone to reset it's number for the next backup to icloud.  I hope this helps.

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    Thank you @shungate!  This fixed my issue as well.  For the record the phone is running 6.0.1 (10A523)

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    Genius; worked on my iPad, too! Thanks. Ready to use the cloud for free now!

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    I'm having the opposite problem with the camera roll and icloud.


    Total size of my camera roll (under Settings/General/Usage/) - 4.6GB

    Total size being backed up (under Settings/iCloud/Storage & Backup/Manage Storage/"my iPhone"/) - 171MB


    I cannot for the life of me figure out why it's not doing the entire roll.

    I don't suppose anyone might know why this might be occuring?

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    Thank you @shungate, that worked for me, too.

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    Thanks your answer helped me.

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    I've been dealing with the same problem for a week. Tried to figure it out myself, then took my phone to my local Apple Store today. The customer service rep said my back-up software was failing. She re-installed it, and I was still having the problem until I found this thread 20 minites ago. Thank you for your advice. I did exactly what you said and it corrected the problem. Thanks @shungate

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    I am on iOS 7.1.1 and I have the same problem. Even after emptying the camera roll it still says 1.8GB backup size of the Camera Roll. I toggled the switch ON and Off and now it is correctly estimating the new size of the camera roll, HOWEVER, i noticed this is a problem for all apps installed. I have other camera apps with empty rolls and they are still showing old backup sizes. So I Supposes this is something across all apps.


    This is happening on both my iPad Mini and iPhone 5 both running iOS 7.1.1.


    iCloud woes never seem to end!