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I am trying to upload a voiceover file from Garage Band which is uncompressed.  The client wants .aiff and I sent them .band instead of a compressed mp3 like I usually do.  Does anyone know of a way I can convert the file to an .aiff and resend them to my client?  Thanks

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    Use the command "Share > Export Song to disk" and do not check the "compress" option. This way your GarageBand project will be rendered in CD quality as aiff file to a folder on your disk.   Upload that aiff.




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    Oh my thanks so much! I even called the Apple Customer Care and they did not tell me how to do it. I guess it depends upon who answers the line.....well you are brilliant and you taught me something which will come in handy again if I ever get that request to send it .aiff!!!!  I also have to learn to send in .wav but that is another quesion.....haha Karen

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    You are welcome, Karen. 


    Just in case you will need "wav" - here goes:


    • Use the command "Share > send Song to iTunes" and do not check the "compress" option.
    • Set the preferences in iTunes ("General" tab, when you insert a CD, Import Setings") to import "wav".

    Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 21.40.24.PNG

    After importing your song to iTunes select it and use the command "File > Create New Version > Create Wav Version".

    Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 21.30.43.PNG

    You will now have a second version of the song in iTunes and can us ethe command "Show in Finder" to reveal the "wav" file.




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    Leonie, you are brilliant, I will try this!  Thanks again, Karen Williams

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    You are welcome, Karen!

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    now you know HOW to do it, make sure you understand WHY you are doing it.


    GarageBand is a content-creation app like Logic, Final Cut Pro X, Photoshop and even Word. These are apps that lets you create new content in the form of new audio files, new videos, new images or a new book. While in the process of creating that new content which can take hours, month or years, you have to save that work (work in progress). That work is saved by the app in its own proprietary file format. This is often called a "project file"


    Project File

    A project file from a specific app can only be opened by that app (or an app that is compatible with it). The purpose of that file is to work on the content until you finalized it (the new song, video, graphics or book). In GarageBand this project file is the one with the  .band file extension that is created when you use the save command in GarageBand. You save your Song as a GarageBand Project File. Although it s also called a "Song File", this term can be misleading, implying that it is an audio file like the ones in your iTunes playlist.


    Audio File (video file, graphics file, text file)

    Once you are done with your creation, you have to save it to a file format that can be opened/played by apps other than the one you created the content with (for example, iTunes cannot play your .band GarageBand Project File). This common step has many different words: "save as", "export", "share", "render", "bounce" etc. You could use the term "convert" but it might be misleading because it is more used for the process of changing an existing audio file (or vide, graphics file) from one format to another (i.e. aiff>mp3, wav>AAC, tiff>jpeg, etc)




    There are many different apps that lets you convert files from one format to another. Leoni showed already how to iTunes with it. This conversion step is necessary if a content-creation app doesn't provide the option to "export" to that specific file format. For example, GarageBand cannot export to a wav file. SO you have to export to an aiff file and then do the extra step to "convert that aiff file to an wav file.


    Once you wrap your head around it, it is actually a simple concept and with the right terminology makes a lot of sense.


    Hope that helps


    Edgar Rothermich


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    Since you seem to be good at this i have a question along the same lines. 


    I was given a .band file and I am trying to convert it to .mp3  The only issue is that the file was created with the older version of GarageBand that supports podcasts.  I have the new version and i cannot access the file to convert it





    This is what I keep getting and no idea how to solve....HELP....



    Thanks Suds

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