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Though I'm a dedicated Apple guy, I've always used Gmail and Google Apps simply because they "get it" when it comes to cloud computing.  And, I have a private domain email address and don't want one that ends with icloud.com.  But that said, now that Google has dropped Google Sync for iOS devices, and I HATE the native Gmail iOS app, I'm getting closer to switching to iCloud, even though I'll lose my private domain email address I've had for a decade.  And I know there is a ZERO chance of Apple ever letting private domain email addressed be used with iCloud mail.


The last piece of the puzzle that will help me make the switch is my Apple ID.  Currently it is my private domain email address and if I give that up for iCloud, I want a clean break.  I don't want to have to use an old email address every time I log into anything Apple.  So, *if* I switch to iCloud, can I change my current Apple ID to my existing iCould email address?  If I can't, then my decision is easy...I'll just stay with Google.

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    Larry McJunkin wrote:


    So, *if* I switch to iCloud, can I change my current Apple ID to my existing iCould email address

    I'm afraid you can't. You can change it to another non-Apple address, but not to your @icloud.com address.

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    Thanks, Roger...but that brings up another problem.  If I don't have another email address, what are my options?  Also, if I were new to Apple and just now getting my first Apple ID, it would probably force me to actually use my new iCloud email address as my Apple ID.


    So, assuming the use of my iCloud email address is not possible, what happens when I don't have that email address any longer that is currently my Apple ID?  In "Manage my Apple ID" it clearly shows:


    Apple ID and Primary Email Address


    ...but that wouldn't be my primary email address any longer...in fact it wouldn't be my email address at all.  Something isn't computing here.  So what happens when my primary Apple ID then would no longer fit the criteria of "be a valid email address"?


    I know I can login to Apple sites using my alternate Apple ID, which is my old .me address, but that still doesn't explain what I'm going to do when I kill the email address that is my current Apple ID...Apple says that address must be valid, but they can't stop me from killing the address and making it invalid.  So what would I do then?  Something has to give here.

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    If you want to change the login address you can just get a free Yahoo one - it's only for login, you don't have to give it out to anyone else.


    But in any case, as you've got your own domain email, why use iCloud email anyway? If you can get an IMAP service from any provider that will let you use your domain address then it will sync between devices just the same as iCloud (which is IMAP). You can still use iCloud if you want to sync Calendars and Contacts, you aren't forced to use their email.

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    I understand that...in fact I have several non-used email addresses laying around that I "could" use.  But I'm still confused on the part I mentioned earlier about my current address (which is my primary Apple ID).  It clearly states on "Manage my Apple ID" that my primary Apple ID **MUST** be a valid email address, but that won't be the case after I kill it.


    Now, if you're saying I can change my primary Apple ID to another email address (just not my iCloud email address) then I'm fine...I can just use one of my other email address laying around.  Hopefully, this will work and solve my problem.

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    See also my addition to my post above, typed while you posted your last answer.

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    Perhaps I wasn't clear on my original reason for doing this.  I currently use the iOS Mail.app and I DO NOT want to use any other iOS email client...I've tried them all.  But now that Google has stopped allowing Google Sync to new iOS devices for email, I'm left with either using the native Gmail iOS app, which is horrid, or using FETCH with the iOS Mail.app, which I simply don't want to do.  I want to have full IMAP with my iOS email.  I'm convinced that I'll have much better seamless integration of mail, calendar and contacts between iOS devices and my Mac if I use iCloud.  I fully understand it's not nearly as good (feature-wise) as the Google Cloud, but the Google Cloud has just been made a non-option.