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I am working on a neighbors macbook pro here.

When I startup the laptop, a folder with a question mark appears. It will not go away and nothing else happens.

This laptop was working fine until bootcamp was installed, then he erased all the contents of the hard drive in firewire mode using another computer, so I am pretty sure it is not any kind of hardware problem.

I CAN hold down the T key and boot into firewire mode. When I do this the hard drive and system appears ok in my powerbook that it is connected to.

I went to the apple store and bought the latest tiger 10.4.6, but I am hearing that this will not work with the intel based macbook pro's.

I tried booting holding the c key, the command key, option key etc, all with the same result, the flashing folder with a question mark.

Does anyone know for sure if the Install discs for the macbook pros are different than the one I just bought from the mac store?

We do not have the original discs that came with this computer, It is the 15 inch macbook pro.

Any help here is greatly appreciated!

macbook pro 15 inch, Mac OS X (10.4.6)
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10
    The Tiger retail install package is not the same as the Tiger install package that ships with an Intel Mac.

    Since Intel Macs are new and all ship with Tiger pre-installed, the Tiger retail install package is for PPC Macs only since there is no reason for Apple to supply a retail version that is compatible with Intel Macs. The next OS X version when released (retail install package) will be compatible with both PPC and Intel Macs or provided separately for each.

    The install package that ships with a new Mac purchase is very important and should be kept in a safe place. For one and a very important reason, it includes all additional software provided with the new Mac purchase that is not included with a Tiger retail install package.

    Your neighbor needs to contact AppleCare or visit the local Apple Store and request a replacement Tiger install package that shipped with this Mac. Although not provided for free, the cost will probably include covering shipping and handling only but I don't speak for Apple.