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I have used windows 8 in bootcamp 4 on my macbook pro retina for months, and it worked pretty well, except for bug/crashed, overheating, short battery life and probably also slow usb 3, not sure about the usb, or if i'm just impatient.


Anyway, now it acts up suddenly..

It's saying: "This program has compatibility issues", bootcamp 4, apple computer.


And then you can "search for help online" or "run the program without getting help", but no matter what, it won't start, and it doesn't find any solutions when searching or help either:/


Everywhere i look on the net, it says, doing this from windows 7, or doing it when you INSTALL windows 8, but since it wasn't made back then as far as i know, i couldn't do that..

So please tell me how i on my windows 8 pro edition running in bootcamp 4 on macbook pro retina, can upgrade/update the bootcamp to bootcamp 5, and not only because of those problems above, but also so the trackpad works probably again, cus i made it work perfect before, but it stopped working when bootcamp won't start in windows 8:/


I can't even start up the bootcamp application in windows 8 anymore, which i was ablet to only a few days ago:i

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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