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    First of all, note my original post. I AM on 11.0.4. In fact this started happening after updating to that. I've never experienced this with any version. However that update happened when I did a clean-install update to Snow Leopard. (I am now on OS 10.8.4) So who knows if it was the iTunes update, the Snow Leopard/iTunes coincidental update, or what? But I must say, ever since going to Snow Leopard I have discerned a certain performance drop in my iMac, but that's for another forum.


    As for crash reports, yeah the Safari bug report. Wasn't that just for Safari bugs, tho? Well, regardless, as it was pointed out, that is no longer available anyway. Since my problem is usually more a lock-up than a crash of iTunes, I am more often than not force quitting it. And the report that will come up only appears infrequently so a lot of time no report is made; at least not one I'm made aware of. In these day of widespread wiretapping it's conceivable that's happening in the background without anyone being the wiser.


    I just hope they are paying attention to all these complaints.


    Oh speaking of which, I forgot to re-mention that there have been posts to these forums that provided a link to where peole could send emailed, detailed complaints about bugs they were experiencing where Apple would be tuned-in to what was going wrong out here in the bushes. I cannot remember what that link was. That's what I was looking for. Still am.

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    Considering that the issues here are glitches and crashes happening in iTunes 11.0.3 and OS 10.8.3, and considering that it seems these issues have cleared up with the updates, I'm sorry you are still having problems and I'm sorry I don't have a solution.  Perhaps someone else here can offer other options.


    You are correct, though, about the Safari bug report being strictly for Safari.  Before the latest updates, my iTunes was either locking up (at which time I had to do a force quit) or crashing depending on its mood.  As I said, on crashes, the crash report should pop up...the operative would being should.


    Wiretapping?  Do I sense a little paranoia? 


    About your "missing link", do you clear your history in Safari?  If not, perhaps you might be able to find the forum page in your history.  In the mean time, I will look for it as well and repost here if I find it.

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    Well, of course the wiretapping crack was just a bit of current-event, topical levity. But paranoia? Not from the sounds of things.


    Anyway, back to the topic at hand...yes of course I am hoping someone else can help me. That's what I'm here for, yeah? I see another thread mentioned in this window under "More Like This" regarding 11.0.4 crashing as did 11.0.3. I guess I'll go there with my paranoia



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    Crashes on 11.0.4 and Mavericks


    iTunes runs for a few days and appears to work as advertised until I close itunes or plug an iOS device in to sync then itunes locks up.


    It's been happening since version 11 for me too.


    I'll try turning off wifi sync and see if that fixes it. Wifi sync has be a total disaster anyway since iOS 6 so I'm not holding out for a fix anytime soon.

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