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I noticed yesterday that a lot of the events I had set up in my iCal have disappeared. I thought maybe it was an iCloud synch problem, but in checking a little bit, all of the calendars that I have set up are set to snych with iCloud.


This is very distressing as I had important dates in there such as tax payments, flilght information, show/concert dates. I'm about to go on a 3 week international trip and I can't afford to have my information disappearing.


I'm on an iMac running 10.7.5

I also have an iPhone and an iPad.


Any thoughts?

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    I Had the same problem (annoying). Simple fix for me. Go to settings- check Calendar settings- sync events- all events. Somehow my sync settings went to just this week and all my other events were in limbo. Once I went to sync all events my previously stored events reappeared.