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So I've got a VPN system working perfectly. I'd just like to know if it would be possible to assign a specific VPN address to certian users or machines, so that when I check the VPN logs it would be possible to identify if an anyonymous user (security breach) was logged on or not.


That is, currently the server allocates VPN users i nthe ip range from ( to ( I was hoping to assign specific user accounts a certain ip, so taht that whenever they log into the server via VPN they always hit the same IP address.




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    You have to use a different range to any you have defined in the DHCP server and while the DHCP server allows you to specify DHCP reservations the VPN server does not.


    However there is no such thing as an anonymous VPN user/connection all have to authenticate and you can look at the VPN server log to see who has logged in and when, it also lists what IP address was issued to that user for that connection.