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spvnnn Level 1 (30 points)
first of all, i do not live in the US.. i wonder if that has got anything to do with why my podcasts are downloading so slow.. im on a 3.5mbps connection, but i dont think that's a problem cuz another guy i know has a 10mbps connection and his downloads are also equally slow.. i wonder if anyone else is experiencing such a problem..

btw, at around 2 to 3am where i live, which as about 2 to 3pm for ppl in the states, my podcasts download extremely fast.. i can get podcasts in a matter of seconds when it would usually take around an hour.. but then again this doesnt always happen, sometimes at around 1am it is still real slow.. any ideas?/ thx in advance..

Intel iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.6)
  • Kay Marczoch Level 7 (21,685 points)
    Maybe just due to heavy server load / high traffic on the server that hosts the postcasts.
  • spvnnn Level 1 (30 points)
    can't be that i get slow downloads EVERY SINGLE TIME.. i swear i have not gotten a fast download ever, except in the wee hours of the morning..
  • Albert Feuga Level 1 (0 points)

    I don't leave in US too (France). So, excuse my bad english. I have the same problem. But, when I download with Juice, it's OK. I have a good speed and I can very quick get the episode.
    First I think it was an soft problem. I install again the system (clean with HD erased). I stille have the same problem. itunes is bad, Juice is ok. I test with a G4 ibook, the problem is the same.
    So I ask my provider (Club internet in France). The guy who answer (supposed to be a Mac specialist) did not know what a podcast is and wath itunes do Great.
    At the begining with this machine it was ok. So, i don't think it a mac or soft problem. The dsl Modem seems to work good (I can download very fast) and with the itunes for Windows, on XP (boot camp) it's the same too.

    Finaly I think the problem is with the provider (or on the network). I really don't know. Try to use Juice (a very good software) and be patient.

    If you find the solution (also if I) let me know.


  • spvnnn Level 1 (30 points)
    thanks for recommending juice to me, but for some reason i cant open it on my new macbook. when i double click on the app, the icon juz bounces a few times on my dock and then disappears without doing anything else. any ideas?? i cant even get it to use rosetta to open cuz there's no such option in the get info window, any help will be greatly appreciated. thx
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    sorry for not reply sooner but I was travelling.

    For me now the the problem is solve. it was a network problem between a french provider (France Telecom) and a US provider of services (as itunes music store).

    Anyway, I hope it 's the same for you.

    Do you download the last version of Juice?
  • spvnnn Level 1 (30 points)
    nvm i got it working.. but then again, how do you use it?? as in how do you get the url for the podcast??
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    mmm mayb its just dew 2 the amount of ppl downloadin at the same time av u tried downloadin other files???
    an could you help me wit my problem putting DVDs on 2 ta ipod video?? plz
  • Paul Margulies Level 1 (50 points)
    Was that answer in English?