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Hi everyone,


Whenever I purchase an app from the app store, or download an update via my iPad, the system prompts me to enter my password.


However, when I purchase an app from iTunes, it immediately charges me and begins downloading the app. How do I enable password protection for downloading via iTunes? I've scoured the menus, but I'm blind (which is the most likely answer).



  • carlkulpa Level 1 Level 1

    I can understand how some might be annoyed with having to enter a password with each purchase, but twice now I have accidentally hit download when meaning to preview a song.  I have no way of stopping that process once it begins?  or returning the item?  Either where this is an easy fix on apple's end.  Just allow for the user to choose different layers of security.  I should have to worry about my laptop being stolen and someone having free reign over downloading songs.  I should also have better control over just how easy it is to purchase a song.


    How do I turn on a feature to either prompt me if I wish to continue to purchase a song or request my password to purchase?


    I can't imagine how much momey is made off of people who mistakenly purchase music.