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I want to change the default dock setting so the new user who logins gets all the program and so in the dock i have make.

We have all mac in connected to Windows 2003 Active directory

I have done it before but i have forgot that.


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    Go to Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Accounts to create the new account. If you want limtied access, use Parental controls after creating a non-admin account. Login to that account and add specific items to the Dock and log back out. To log out of your own account, go to the Apple menu where the last item is log out.
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    Before when i make the dock that i like them to have. I copy my file from user\admin\library\ or somthing. and overwrite a file somwere so the default dock settings change to my settings.

    If i dont do this they have only 4 thing to the dock.

    But i cant remeber what file it was...

    We have 1500 user and they logon to a domain, so i cant make local account
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    com.apple.dock.plist I believe it is.
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    I found i to. but thanks