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Safari 5.0.6 on MacOS 10.5.8.  Have used it for years with no issues, but yesterday it started hanging immediately upon launch.  The window appears, a Web page starts to load, and then it hangs and I have to force-quit. No problems running Google Chrome or Firefox.  Created another identity on the same machine, and Safari runs under the new identity, but still hangs on mine, which tells me the problem is probably located in my home somewhere.  Deleted all files in home/Library/Internet Plugins and home/Library/Safari; also deleted com.apple.Safari.plist and com.apple.SafariRSS.plist from home/Library/Preferences.  Reinstalled the application -- no joy.  Reinstalled the system software, then did system update -- no joy.  Spent 2.5 hours at the Genius Bar at the Apple Store, and the genius there could not solve the problem.  Anyone have any ideas what could be causing the problem or how I might solve it?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)