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I have tried restoring/updating multiple devices on my computer (itouch 4g, iPhone 4s/5 iPad mini) but none work and constantly get the error message with a differnet number almost everytime.  I know this problem is specific to my computer, because when I try to update or restore on another computer, it works perfectly.  Now I could just restore/update on a different computer each time, but I have specific backups that I need to put back onto my devices, any advice or tips are greatly appreciated and welcomed.

Things I have tried:

-Restarting my computer

-Adding the 74.something.random numbers.gs.apple to the terminal

-using the command click on itunes to click a specific version to update to

-using a different usb cable

-using a differnet usb port

-not restoring from a backup


Also none of the devices are jailbroken/ have been jailbroken

I am also using the latest version of itunes and computer software

MacBook Pro