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Hi All,


A quick query on security within iTunes/iTunes match and something I have become increasingly wary about.


I love iTunes match and the whole icloud thing, with close to a 20,000 strong library now available in the atmosphere to multiple devices.


As a result I’ve been able to donate most of my cd library to good homes after they have been imported.


One thing that does concern me is the apparent lack of security in iTunes or in iTunes match.


For example, if someone had access to my laptop or in an extreme case, stole they could boot up iTunes (PC), they could quite easily erase the contents of the library/icloud without being prompted for a password or other security.


It would simply be a case of “ticking the box” that said also remove from icloud.


That way you library is gone and the core medium that you imported if from is also gone.


You have therefore no way to rebuild you library unless you originally purchased it all through the store.


Putting a password on match/icloud prior to deletion would seem the logical way?


I do hope Apple will address in due course, however f I’m missing something or anyone can point me in the direction of imp[roving my ITunes security it would be greatly appreciated.