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    Oh... i will google it right now. And another trial version of Iwork as well, the latest version.


    I have a chinese bank card, they have their own system - UniPay. It works only in China.

    PeterBreis0807 wrote:


    Google LibreOffice, it is not in the App Store.


    I can guarrantee that if you had a demo iWork '09 installer, it requires updating, as I said to v4.3.


    Can't you top up your Credit Card or have a Debit Card for your transactions over the Internet with your bank?


    How are you surviving day to day in China without banking and or cards?



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    I am grateful to all for the feedbacks!

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    The colour of your images might be inverted because your images are in CMYK colour format. You need to convert them to RGB.

    This can be done in Photoshop:


    1. Open problem image

    2. Select menu item Image > Mode > RGB (and if necesary 8Bits / Channel)

    3. Save image.


    Then reinsert it in Pages / Number etc.

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    Doesn't the Chinese Apple Store accept Chinese bank cards?


    I can guarrantee there is no trial version of iWork that is v 4.3. They are all lesser versions that need to be upgraded to v4.3 to add compatibility for the latest OSX.


    Alex Kent


    I fail to see how any image being cmyk has any bearings at all on the problem, nor why it is a good idea to have them RGB. In fact if they are JPGs or PNG they are already rgb. That does however raise the question are the images in question some other incompatible format such as BMP, WMF or other Windows format?



  • Alex Kent Level 1 (25 points)

    Hi Peter,


    There were bugs in earlier versions of Mac OSX / iWork (sorry i don't know exact version numbers off the top of my head) which causes CMYK images to be openned normally (without any warnings) but displayed with inverted colours. This also affected PDF files wtih CMYK images when openned in


    This happens because in CMYK structure images, as well as having an extra colour channel, the numbers which describe colours are measured in the opposite direction. In CMYK '0' means no ink, thus white. In RGB '0' means no light, thus black.


    Since no one else on this thread has been able to explain what the OP claims to be seeing. I thought it was worthwhile posting.


    For what it's worth; JPEG format images can be RGB, CMYK, Greyscale, or probably some other colour models as well.


    It would seem like worthwhile advice for the OP that he should convert all his images to 8bit RGB .jpg if they are anything other than that at the moment.


    All the best.

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