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When in your project, if you want to see all the pics in a stack you can use the contextual menu (right click) then select "select all the pick from the stack", then type V to launch visualization: you have them all.


You can use shortcut cmd E instead of "select all the pick from the stack", it works.


However, if you have filtered your pics to show only top of stack, the first method works, but not the shortcut cmd E.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 2x2.66 dual core xeon
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    You are correct.  File a bug report with Apple via "Aperture➞Provide Aperture Feedback".  My understanding is that the correct behavior is to have the Viewer show only the Stack Pick when the Browser is filtered by "Stack picks only".


    "v" rotates between three UI states: Browser, Split View, and Viewer.  The Browser displays the contents of the currently selected container(s), the Viewer shows the currently selected Images, and Split View shows one Browser and one Viewer at the same time.  ("Visualization" means something different in English.  It's use in place of "Viewer" introduces confusion.)

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    I submitted the bug report.