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Running OS 10.8.3 and for the last week or so, iCal (V. 6.0) keeps freezing up on me. Anytime I make even a small change to my calendar whether to my icloud calendars or entourage / outlook calendars it gives me the spinning beach ball.


It hasn't crashed but every change causes the spinning beach ball.


Any thoughts?

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    Check ical is freezing: Apple Support Communities for a possible solution to your problem.


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    Ferd II,


    Thank you for responding to other posts regarding iCal freezing. I have followed your advice in an attempt to solve my iCal freezing issue. However, I have not been successful. I moved both the "Calendar Cache" and "com.apple.ical.plist" files to my desktop, restarted, and opened iCal. My problem is when I create an event, or open "Preferences", I get the spinning rainbow ball and a "iCal quit unexpectedly" box.



    Do you have any advice beyond moving the two files? I have OS 10.7.5 and can post the information given through "Show Details" on the error box if that would help. Thank you.

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    It may be helpful to post the crash report. However, I am not proficient at reading crash reports, perhaps someone else may be able to glean some information to help you. I recommend that you start your own thread in this forum to get some individual attention.


    1. If you are using any sync services...turn them off, and test iCal.

    2. Complete a Safe Boot, followed by a normal startup. Then re-check iCal.

    3. Check for Duplicate Fonts, and Resolve Duplicates. Then re-check iCal.

    4. Check iCal performance in another use account. If it works in another user account then go to the next step.

    5. Attempt to backup your calendars, and follow the steps listed in How do I clear the iCal or Calendar cache in OS X? - Community Contributions - Hermes.


    Good Luck.