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Alright Folks,


This happened like 2 weeks ago.

Me plugging in power adapter in the plug at my home.

The plug board in which i'v probably plugged in all kinds of adapters probably million times including the one i was plugging in!

On the same powersource a computer(INTEL Desktop) was running ok From past 74Hours without interruption.

While plugging in the adapters i was holding my Mbr in my hands and i get an awesome electric shock on the body of macbook pro.

It fell and broke the display with my heart too!!


Now is that something like Physical damage.. Dude! js crazy lines all over the display.. inshort (CRACK)



What can i do.


went to service center: Sir it is a physical damage and the bill is $600!! (That was second SHOCK)


Called helpline Number hundreds of time.

Fail.. All Lines busy always..


There is no email communication.





If someone from Apple reading this.


I am an engineer who is woking with four full equipped desktops.. So i do know what it means by earthing or grounding means in a powersource.


Oh The apple engineer didn't knew that (FYI)

he was just a simple tape recorder playing the same manufectured sound again and again.

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)