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Hi all, I just bought a new iMac, (that i reloaded through time mchine)  and when I launch the HP Scan 3 application to scan on my HP Deskjet 3050, the application crashes and comes a message stating that it could not be compatible with OSX. I doubt that.

Can anybody help? Whta can I do to fix it?


iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    Doing an uninstall and reinstall of the HP software should solve the problem.  Do you have the J610 or the J611 series of the Deskjet 3050 printer?  I'll need to know to point you to the right software.


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    Thank you for your nice reply.

    I have the j610 series black outfit.

    How do I uninstall? Where do I find the software?

    After reinstal do I have to connect by USB (for the moment my mac does not see anymore the printer.

    Do not hesitate to give extensive explanations I am a "Dummy"  :-)

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    Below are links to documents that will explain the full process of uninstalling the printer and it's software, and installing the printer and it's software.  I've also included the link to the printer's software and driver download from HP.  With these you should be able to get things back up and running.


    Uninstalling the Printer Software


    Installing the Printer Software in OS X v10.8 Mountain Lion for a USB Connection


    HP Deskjet Full Feature Software and Drivers - OS X 10.8


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    Thank you my friend!

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    No problem.


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    Shane, I'm hoping you can help me too!  I have a DJ3050 J610.  I changed the name of my wireless network so I needed to reset my printer wireless.  I launched my (fully updated) set up software and it kept crashing.  I uninstalled and reinstalled the updated software (also deleting any old .plist) and it is still crashing.  I ran my permission repair and still no joy.  I can use the printer connected via USB but cannot get it back on my wireless network.  One of the issues I see is that there is no Bonjour software selection like there used to be when I try to add the printer via the system preferences set up.  This is driving me crazy because I can't figure it out.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  I am running Maverick 10.9.1.

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    Hello Frogmom09,


    Having checked the HP website, it shows that there is no updated software for the Deskjet 3050 J610. To be able to connect the printer wireless, you will have to do a couple different steps. You will first need to restore the network defaults on the printer. I have included the steps below for restoring the network defaults.


    1. Press the button next to Settings

    2. Press the button next to Wireless Menu

    3. Press the button next to Settings

    4. Press the button next to Defaults


    Once the defaults for the wireless have been restored on the printer, you will need to connect your Mac to the printers network. I have included the steps below for you.


    1. Click on the AirPort Wireless icon in the top right corner of the Mac screen

    2. Click on the HP Setup Network/ HP Printer Network


    Note: you will not be connected to your Internet service at this point.


    Please open up Safari at this time, and in the top address bar you will need to type in This should pull up a page of your printer. On this page, please click on the Network/Wireless tab at the top of the page. Then click on Wireless Setup Wizard down the left hand side of the page. You will then have to fill in the wireless information for the printer. Once you have successfully ran the Wireless Setup Wizard, you can close down the Safari page. Next you will have to connect your Mac back to the correct Internet service.


    Once you are connected back to your Internet service, please try adding the printer into the print queue wireless.


    Are you able to successfully add the printer wireless, and print?



    I work on behalf of HP