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Good day all,


I am running Apple TV version 5.2.1


Selecting "photos / photo stream / my shared photo streams / insert name of stream here shared by me" as the screen saver, then preview results in a "LOADING" message that never goes away.


I have the screen saver set to run in 2 minutes during music play.  While playing music the first 2 minutes displays the album / song information in full screen.  Then after 2 minutes that drops to a small display in the lower left.  After about 30 seconds the screen goes blank.


So neither the preview nor the actual screen saver work.


I use the same shared photo stream succesfully elsewhere.


Any ideas?  It is HIGHLY possible this is user error.





  • judysings Community Specialists Community Specialists (4,215 points)

    Hi Alex,


    The article below explains how to create a screensaver for your Apple TV.


    A common method is to copy images from Photostream and other locations into one folder and use that as the source of your screensaver.


    Apple TV (2nd generation): How to use your photos with your Apple TV screensaver


    I hope this information helps ...


    - Judy

  • Alex Neil Level 2 Level 2 (155 points)

    Thank you Judy.


    Yes, I was aware I could point to a local resource on my iMac.  But my iMac may or may not be on at any given moment.


    The shared photo stream was working as recently as last month.  I can access the iCloud shared stream from a browser.  It is public.  I added images to it 5 days ago.


    So I am not certain what changed.  No updates were performed on the Apple TV.


    It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.





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    I've got the same problem.... The photos are in photostream ... And this, I presume, iCloud... But I can't get past "loading"... UGH!!!



  • Alex Neil Level 2 Level 2 (155 points)

    I've given up and loaded the images to Flickr.  The ATV loads and displays the whole slide show just fine.


    No idea what changed.

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    Hi guys, i have the same problem. My Apple TV screensaver worked perfectly streaming images from icloud folder to my Apple TV screensaver. It all worked fine but sudenly stopped working. When the screensaver tries to stream now it shows "Loading" and it is loading for a few minutes, but with no results. Need to say that it doesnt work in both screensaver preview as well as screensaver after 2or3or5 ...minutes mode. Apple should definitelly do something about it. Yes i can work it around with Flicker but i expect iCloud should work with apple TV. On my windows media center the same works fine.

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    I was having the same issue.  I found that if I went to the iCloud photos, My Photo Stream, and let the photos load (it take a bit) that the screen saved finally worked.

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    How do you set it up in Flickr?  Can you make Flickr your Apple TV screen saver?

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    Same issue here. It used to work fine. The main function we use on the AppleTV is to stream photos and music from my PC to my TV. Over the past months, when I try to display ALL of my photos (12k+), I get the never-ending "Loading" (only interrupted by the screensaver kicking in and showing a few photos). If I pick a sub-folder in My Pictures, it sometimes works. I'm tempted to go back to my original AppleTV 1st Gen with the hard drive. My AppleTV is unusable for the purpose for which I bought it. Help!

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    Apple TV Screen saver is ridiculously flaky and has been for years.

    The fix is ridiculously simple.


    Add to BOTH Apple TV and to iTunes an option to "Clear and refresh slide show cache"

    Display error codes or connection progress messages on Apple TV to display progress, and or provide a troubleshooting option.

    Pretty pathetic.....

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    Same issue here.  Been struggling with this thinking it was a network issue. 

    • Getting black screen when slideshow is supposed to come up (under Preview as well). 
    • Seems I can get it to load after restarting AppleTV, but problem keeps coming back. 
    • Seems like it helps to go to Screensaver menu, select iCloud and have it reload all albums (with thumbnails) first before selecting album.
    • Also relevant, I'm able to get it to work fine with iCloud account that only has 150 pictures, but when trying to use main iCloud account with about 2000 pictures, it acts up. 
    • Seems to perform better when on ethernet.  When on wireless, even with a good wireless signal with good signal/noise ratio, I get black screen for minutes before pictures load after restart. 
    • Problem still not solved since the black screen will ultimately return and stay black indefinitely until restart.

    Still troubleshooting.  Will post more info as I get it...

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    Yes, bad job by Apple on this screen saver as well as the entire interface with using AppleTV, it should be a lot easier. I also experience inconsistent behavior and connections with home sharing. I'm very computer savvy as I work in graphic design and web design, so I feel as though I am responding from a point of knowledge within the tech field.


    Apple makes a lot of outstanding products, but at times they neglect the smaller ones that could have so much more potential if they actually put some common sense and money behind it. Apple wants to dominate content in the living room and this is their gateway yet by the time people truly start abandoning their direct TV and Cable Boxes Apple will have a lot of unhappy first experiencers with Apple TV. Not good.

  • kempster621 Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    I just switched to FLICKR.... goodby iCloud and Apple TV!


    FLICKR works really well as a screensaver... Don't know why I spent so much time trying to get iCloud to work.  Yahoo!