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Safari (6.0.4) completely stalls whenever I open an image in a forum post on the www.avsforum.com site.

This bug is 100% repeatable. Other browsers don't show that misbehavior.  When this happens the Safari Web content process in activity monitor shows 100% CPU


If I disable javascript it doesnt stall, but then the browsing experience of the forum is not great.  No other browser has this behaviour only Safari Version 6.0.4 (8536.29.13)


For example open any image on this thread, http://www.avsforum.com/t/1470402/how-to-combine-tv-and-curved-2-35-1-screen


How can I fix this?

I have a Retina MBP, 2.6GHz i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB

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    I can open those images with no problems.

    What extra Extensions or add-ons do you have on your Safari?

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    I can repeat the issue with extensions disabled. 

    However I had Auto Refresh 2.0 by Andy Griffin & Open in Internet Explorer 1.0 by Parallels installed.


    Safari will work fine for a little bit, if you open 1 of the images then wait with it open, or close it and open several more you will see the stall/crash

    Open activity monitor and see the Safari Web Content process ramp up to 100% CPU while you have the image opened.