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We are getting ready to roll out MT Lion on 20 machines using a Volume Lic.  My hope is to automate as much as possible (given that I'm still a little green behind the ears).  Here's my plan:


1 - clone a pre-set generic image to iMac

2 - add specific user account

3 - bind to network

4 - Install Profiles and Enroll Device


At this point in my process I'd really like to physically leave the machine and continue setting up the individual computers via Profile Manager and ARD.  In testing the server, it seems I can bulk-set up quite a bit with Profile Manager.  However, is there a way to have the "On my mac" accounts (in Contacts, Calendar, etc) removed... or do I have to ARD into each machine and manually delete this account for each new user on a machine?


Any other hints for automation you'd like to share are also welcome.  Thanks!