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After uploading my new cpu with my I tunes Library ,when I push play on a song nothing happens.This started just after a update by microsoft.windows 8.

all in one cpu, Windows 8, asus all in one
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    Hello there srv64g,


    I was looking into the issue you are describing, and found a resource that may help you out. It is named iTunes for Windows Vista or Windows 7: Troubleshooting unexpected quits, freezes, or launch issues and while the title mentions a different symptom, I feel the troubleshooting will be relevant here. From http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1717.



    Start iTunes in Safe Mode

    Open iTunes in Safe Mode to isolate any inference with plug-ins or scripts not manufactured by Apple.

    1. Hold down the Shift and Control keys while opening iTunes. If performed correctly, you should see a dialog that says "iTunes is running in safe mode" before iTunes finishes starting up.
    2. After clicking Continue, determine whether the issue you were experiencing persists in Safe Mode.

    If you see the same issue while iTunes is in Safe Mode, proceed to the Create a New User Account section below. If you do not experience the same issue, consult iTunes: Troubleshooting issues with third-party iTunes plug-ins for steps on how to remove third-party plug-ins.Create a New User AccountWhen troubleshooting a variety of issues, it can be useful to determine if the issue affects a specific Windows user account or all accounts. Follow the steps below to create a new user account in Windows Vista or Windows 7:

    1. From the Start menu, choose Control Panel.
    2. Open Add or remove user accounts (If using the Classic View in Windows Vista, open User Accounts. Then open Manage another account).
    3. Select Create a new account and follow the instructions to complete the account setup process.
    4. Once the new account is created, choose     Log Off from the     Start menu.
    5. Log into the newly created user account.
    6. Open iTunes and determine whether the issue you were experiencing persists in this new user.

    If you see the same issue in the newly created user account, proceed to the System-wide troubleshooting section below. If you do not experience the same issue, consult the User-specific troubleshooting section below.

    If none of the troubleshooting works, you may need to re install iTunes and re install it.

    Here is an article that outlines how to do this named Removing and reinstalling iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows Vista or Windows 7 found here http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1923


    All the best,