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Hello!  Recently purchased a smart mouse to replace my old wireless mouse that finally went kaput. 

It works, but I can't seem to figure out anything beyond basic clicking and scrolling up and down.  I know this mouse is supposed to do so much more...can't seem to find any literature, videos, tutorials, etc. on Apple's sight either.  Yes, I did update the mouse software as recommended - I have OSX 10.5.8.

I want to be able to 'right click', etc.....


magic mouse, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Hello 33douglas33,


    Congratulations on your new Magic Mouse! I found some steps you can follow to configure the settings to help optimize your productivity with the Magic Mouse


    Customize your mouse

    1. Open System Preferences.
    2. Choose View > Mouse, or simply click Mouse.
    3. To control how fast the pointer (cursor) moves across your screen when you move the mouse, click Point & Click and use the Tracking slider to adjust speed.
    4. If Double-Click Speed appears, you can use the Double-Click slider to adjust speed.
    5. If your mouse has a scroll wheel, you can use the Scrolling slider to adjust speed.
    6. To change gesture settings, click the More Gestures tab. You can enable and disable gestures for swipe and Mission Control.



    The "secondary click" is what you would want to use to enable the right click.  You can find the full article here:

    Mac Basics: Set your preferences



    Happy clicking!



    Sheila M.