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I have installed bootcamp on a 2010 white macbook with os 10.7


Windows 7 was install all the updates for apple and windows where completed. Everything was looking good and running great. This is my work computer and it has run boot camp previously on another macbook with the same specs.


When I restarted the computer to comfirm that all was good with both partitions the mac is running great, but the windows just locks on the black screen, no cursor, no windows starting.


I tried to start with the install disk in but after the black and white instruction screen the computer went back to the black screen.


I deleted the windows partition and tried to re-install but just got the black screen straight away and it will not even load.


When i did this I noticed that Parallels had been install on the computer I tried to start it and the windows 7 is asking for the install disk to be inserted and restarted to fix problems. I insert the disk and tried to restart but nothing happened again.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. As i need to do school reports over the next week!


Thanks LC

bootcamp, Mac OS X (10.7), bootcamp & parallels installed