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Hi there.  Somewhat new to MACs and especially server. We have a requirement for the mac server app that turns a mac into a server.

We intend to use deploystudio as an image deployment tool but it specifies specific versions of the mac server app.

As usual on the apple web site I can find 6 tonne of gloss and pics but I cannot find the actual version anywhere i.e. the actual latest version number for the mac server app that you apple to a mountain lion mac to make it a server. I need to check this against the deploy studeio requirements.

Does anyone know the version at all? Am I simply missing the area where i should be looking :>)





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    You can find the version number of the currently running Server.app by (in Server.app) selecting the entry in the top left of the window (under the heading SERVER) which corresponds to the name of your computer. Then in the main part of the window under the Overview tab it will say in the software section what version of the Server software you are using.


    The latest version is Server 2.2.1 (Build 12T162).


    I have had no problem running DeployStudio 1.5 and 1.6 with the above version of Server.app

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    Cheers John


    I'll make a note of this for future reference. Much appreciated.

    we are not running a server version as yet but intend to. We will be having 90 macs soon and need a way to manage/deploy them hance the interest in deploystudio. I was looking on the apple site and I see we can get the server app for approx £14 but I could not see anything in the guides, info or whatever to say what the exact version was. Thanks for your help with this.