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The transporter dock that containes the record, stop and forward/reverse buttons is hidden in the main garageband window. I have tried downloading a later version of the software but it is exactly the same. This has to be an easy fix but I can't find anything in the help file or the menu's to solve this.

Anyone got an answer.



MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8), garageband '11
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    are the controls missing from the GarageBand Window , or is the application window too large and the controls are outside the screen limits?

    • If the second should be the case (off screen), try to toggle the size of the window by pressing the green button in the traffic light in the upper left corner or by going to Full Screen Mode. Does that bring the controls back on the screen?
    • If the window is smaller, and the controls are missing from the bottom panel, try HangTime's "oddball probs" fix and trash the GarageBand preferences file - move com.apple.garageband.plist from the Preferences folder in your user library to the Desktop.

    See the FAQ:




    (Let the page FULLY load. The link to your answer is at the top of your screen)




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    Thanks Leonie,


    I actually found the same question soon after sending my post.  The answer was to increase the screen resolution

    in mac system preferences.  I would never have thought of that in a million years.

    I even bought the latest version of Garageband and dumped my version that came with the mac, as I thought

    it must be corrupted somehow.

    Never mind all fixed now.

    Thanks for your interest and help.