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Hi everybody,

my Lion server encounters several problems. There's frequent issues with the password in CalDav and CardDav (Error 403), the fileserver is slow, server.app tries to read the alerts list endlessly, mail invitations from iCal are only sent from time to time and the push notifications don't work at all. Some of it may be from the migration, most is probably because I started with SL server and had little knowledge. I wouldn't expect the migration to ML to improve things so I'm thinking about starting new.

I have only a handful of users and could recreate them without too much hassle. But would it still make sense to keep the OD backup and restore it after setting up the system? Could I keep the service data like contacts and calendar entries and which directories would I have to save for that? Or should I make local backups of that data and add it later from one of the clients? And will iCal then send out hundreds of invitations for meetings in the past?

Will I be able to reuse the Apple cert for the push notifications? Will it just be reinstalled from my Apple ID?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Martin,


    Seeing your issues with your current setup, the best thing to do is to start fresh.


    You can keep a copy of your OD but I wouldn't use as a starting point.

    Any data in calendar of addressbook for your users should be saved as a local copy and not be reimported again.

    That way any errors/issues will remain local and will not interrupt the new server.

    Remove any local references/accounts connected to the old server and reboot the clients.


    Setup a new server with MountainLion client, purchase the new MountainLionServer and setup DNS, SSL certificate for all your services and the push notifications will be created new when you supply your AppleID when starting Profilemanager. Then activate the needed services.