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Dear Aperture Experts,


I have been trying to familiarize myself with the RAW fine tuning brick for a while based on both the manual and internet research. However, I feel I still do not sufficiently understand its functioning and even have more questions now. I have grouped them in two categories below and would very much appreciate any skilled comments.

I use Aperture 3.4.4 under OS 10.8.3 with Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 4.05.


Many thanks in advance !




A) Overall usage of the RAW fine tuning brick

  1. Under which circumstances do you tweak Apple's default settings at all? I have seen people advocating they never ever change anything here stating it would be almost impossible to achieve any better result compared with the default, whereas others claim the very first thing they do for each and every picture is adjusting the raw decoding parameters, this being the whole gist of using a RAW workflow.

  2. It appears that except for the moiré/radius settings there are adjustment bricks that can achieve similar processing as the  other RAW fine tuning parameters. Under which circumstances would it then be preferable to use the RAW parameters rather then a corresponding adjustment?

  3. Apple's default decoding settings are dynamic in the sense that its not just a fixed set of parameters applied to every image. Rather, I could observe that at least two different De-noise settings are applied (with my Canon EOS 7D) depending on the ISO speed: 0 up to ISO 1600 and 0.1 for 3200 and higher ISO speeds. 2a) Are there other parameters that are dynamically changed according to image properties?  2b) Is there a way to keep this dynamic behavior in self-defined presets for parameters that have not been touched, e.g. keeping ISO depending de-noise while using a lower hue boost value? Note that on the opposite it appears impossible to save a preset without changing at least one parameter from the Apple default. This means that you cannot automatically (e.g. at import) apply a static (rather than dynamically changing e.g. according to ISO) set of parameters being identical Apples's default. Strange.
  4. Is there a way to automatically apply different sets of RAW fine tuning presets according to image properties at import time? I know there is the possibility to trigger an applescript subsequent to an import process. Based on this I understand  one could apply different adjustment presets therein, but I don't think this applies to RAW decoding presets as well.


B) Individual RAW fine tuning parameters

  1. I think I understand boost/hue boost. No question here

  2. At first glance, sharpening is clear as well. However, I do not really understand how this parameter interrelates with the  associated details slider (which used to be an "edge" slider in previous versions, suggesting a different function). When should I tweak one rather then the other? It appears that for my camera those two parameters are always set to 0 in Apple's default. I cannot believe no sharpening is required at all.

  3. I understand that moiré/radius work together, but do they interact with De-noise (which is located in the same section), or is the latter independent from the former pair?

  4. Can the moiré parameter pair be used to reduce chroma noise? I did not succeed at it, the only effect I observed was a hue change in some areas. Does it mean this slider (pair) is restricted to eliminating color fringes along edges in repeating small sized patterns?

Aperture 3, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3), Digital Camera RAW Compat. 4.05