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At work we use an iMac and a Macbook pro, both late 2012 models.


We often have a need to share very large files, and found that a firewire Ad-Hoc network allowed us to do this no problem, its worked fine for around 12 months now and all of a sudden stopped.


- The Macs used to connect perfectly via firewire, each having access to the others files / folders with no limitations.


- All of a sudden they only connect to eachother using a W-Fi network they both run on. This makes moving files unbearable. (Firewire would take a minute)


- I've tested the Firewire connection physically works by starting the Macbook Pro in target disk mode and accessing files from the iMac no problem...


- ... but start them both in normal mode and it defaults back to Wi-Fi again, even though FireWire shows as connected!


- Firewire is connected with a green light and set to DHCP.


- The only change we can think of is an update to OS X 10.8.3?


Any help would be great as it's slowing down the rate we can work, and if anyone knows a different method of sharing large files between two Macs please share..


Thank you!