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I've installed three internal hard drives, but only the third appears on the desktop.  What happened to the other two hard drives?

Power Mac G4 (QuickSilver 2002) Dual, Mac OS X (10.4.11), I also use MacOS 9.2.2
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    Check the settings in the General tab of the Finder's preferences. If that isn't it, open the Disk Utility in the /Applications/Utilities/ folder and mount, repair, or erase them if needed.



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    Niel, here is a screen shot of the Utilities folder.  What should I do next?Picture 1.png

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    Ensure that those drives are plugged in properly. If they are, they appear to be dead.



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    Dead.  They were working just yesterday.  How do I bring them back to life?

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    Swap the third drive with one of the other two inside the computer. If only the third drive shows up, the other drive involved needs to be replaced. If only the other drive appears, something's wrong with the cabling connecting the third drive to the computer or with that drive's port.



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    1. May 9, 2013, I bought a G4 QuickSilver Mac with only one hard drive on ebay.  Main Disk was named   "WD1200 Boot Drive."  Worked great.


    2. May 13, 2013, I installed a second hard drive to the one mentioned above, and named it "2nd Maxtor Boot Drive."  Worked great.


    3. May 21, 2013, I installed a third hard drive, and name it "3rd Hitachi Boot Drive." Worked great.


    4. May 21, 2013, after I installed "3rd Hitachi Boot Drive," and used it as the "Startup Disk," I copied all of my external hard disk data (named "Mac Companion") to "3rd Hitachi Boot Drive."

       a.) I then began moving to trash/deleting the data from "Mac Companion."

       b.) Because data being trashed/deleted from "Mac Companion" was taking so long, I quit the procedure by just pulling the plug on the Mac while it was still under the control of "3rd Hitachi Boot Drive."

       c.) I didn't "Shut Down" by the book.


    The next morning, today, when I booted up, the only hard drives showing were:

    1.) 3rd Hitachi Boot Drive, and

    2.) Mac Companion


    The other two hard drives did not show up on the desktop; nor did they show up in the Utility folder.


    All the drives were installed correctly.   All drives were functioning correctly. There were no problems until I "shut down incorrectly."


    What should I do next?

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    Thanks for all your help, Niel!!


    I just physically uninstalled the two hard drives that weren't showing up on the desktop.  I removed the two power cords to the two hard drives; I removed the two data cords; took out the two hard drives.  Then I re-installed the two hard drives as if they just came off the factory floor.  I re-connected the two data cords; I re-connected the two power cords and booted up.  All the hard drives are now working perfectly!!

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    Sometimes if volumes don't appear in Startup Manager (what you get when you hold down the Option key at startup), you need to reset the Mac's PRAM, NVRAM, and Open Firmware. Shut down the Mac, then power it up, and before the screen lights up, quickly hold down the Command, Option, P, and R keys, until the Mac has chimed twice more after the powerup chime.


    Then, before the screen lights up, hold down Command-Option-O-F until the Open Firmware screen appears. Then enter these lines, pressing Return after each one:






    "The reset-all command should restart your Mac. If so, you have successfully reset the Open Firmware settings."



    Should the fail...

    Try taking the battery out for 10 minutes.  Put battery back in.  Cross fingers. Power the machine back on.


    How to eject a cd from the internal cd drive:

    eject cd


    List of devices:



    List of variables:



    More than you ever wanted to know about open firmware


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    Thanks a million, rccharles!!  I can use all the advice I can get!!