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why does iTune splits a CD I am importing into many files? How can I put all the songs in just one file, so they can be played back as a whole album?

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    First, realize that a CD is just a collection of many files -- each song on the CD is a separate file. You wouldn't want a CD that was a single file, for then you couldn't easily listen to each song separately (it would be like an odd cassette or reel-to-reel tape). So the question really is: how do you make the individual files back into a album.


    The answer, in one word, is "metadata". iTunes is just a database -- it knows something is an "album" if the album title is the same, the album artist is the same, the album date is the same. So what you need to do is select all the different files that make up the "album" and ensure that this is true. You can update this information via "get info", which is usually ^I.


    When I import an album, I always stop the automatic import. Before I start the real import, I look at the info for the tracks from the album, and make sure they have the same album artists and title that I want. Then... and only then... do I start the import.

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    Generally all you need to do is fill in an appropriate Album Artist. For more details see my article on Grouping Tracks Into Albums, in particular the topic One album, too many covers.



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    Thank you for your help, it is much appreciated. Thanks to you I managed to solve my problem.

    Ciao :)

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    You're welcome.