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When reviewing the on-line fraud policy of a financial institution I do business with, I informed them that I had recently purchased an apple computer.  Consequently I asked if my MacBook Air was in compliance with a provision of their policy which stated that "the customer was responsible for installing the latest antivirus, antispyware and firewall software" for the firm to honor its responsibilities in settling any cases of fraud which might happen to my account with them.  I informed them of Apples reputation of protection from viruses, hackers etc.  But they maintained that to comply with their guidance I had to adhere to the quoted phrase I earlier allluded to in their policy relative to on-line fraud. 


Do any of you have any knowledge concerning a specific brand of software that I could obtain besides Norton?  Also is Norton software in conflict with Apples system in any way?  In addition, are there any brands that woud be compatile with Apples system that would be free?


Thanks in advance.