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I am unable to connect my iPad to homesharing in iTunes when I am using network sharing.  If I setup a computer to computer network, I have access.  I am sharing my LAN to wifi and have connectivity. Additionally, when I start iTunes, my iPad shows up for syncing (I have sync over wifi selected on my iPad), however, when I attempt to transfer or sync I loose the connection and iTunes says can't find my iPad.

iPad 2 iOS 6.1.3 OS X 10.8.3 iMac 3.06g Intel Core i3 12g ram

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 6.1.3
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    Hey DssAT,



    When troubleshooting issues with home sharing, I find the following article helpful:


    Troubleshooting Home Sharing



    The section that may provide the best resolution to you is Section 5: "Check Firewall Settings":





    Matt M.

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    My mistake. I should have included the information about my firewall.  I am not using a firewall during the setup.  I have found that, for setup purposes (and given the short amount of time things are in the open), passwords and firewalls just add a layer of complication not required.  I usually get everything up and running and then add every layer of protection I can find. The point is, my firewall is off and not giving me an issue.  Additionally, I am making this response from a different iPad (setup identically to my other iPad) via the network wherein I can't load my home sharing iTunes library.  Thanks for your advise.