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I am trying to copy my Aperture libraries to a new drobo HD. Most of the libraries copied over with no problems, but two of them result in the following dalog box


"The Finder can’t complete the operation because some data in “2013 Personal Aperature Library” can’t be read or written.

(Error code -36)"


What does this mean and how do I overcome this issue and copy these last two libraries on to my drobo?





Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    I am trying to copy my Aperture libraries to a new drobo HD.

    Where are these libraries now? And how are the drives in question formatted? Are the drives in question formatted MacOS X extended? If not, you may have aproblem wih incompatible filenames.



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    Some thoughts...


    Do these 2 libraries open correctly in Aperture?

    If so, have you thought of doing any (or all) of the maintenance procedures offered when you click Aperture in the Dock while holding down the "Option" and "Command" keys?

    THEN, try again to copy them to your Drobo.


    I have no proof any of this will help, just thought was worth mentioning.



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    Currently the two libraries reside on a 6TB WD HD. They Drobo was formatted with Mac OS. I have been able to move 5 libraries with no problem, but the last two had the error code.


    Overnight I created a new Library in Aperture, then imported one of the problem libraries and it worked with no issue so it looks like I found a path forward. 


    The two problem libraries open fine from the 6TB HD in Aperture. The one I moved overnight to the drobo now works correctly also so I guess this will not be an issue to move the last one, but I am curious why it would not work the same as the other libraries by just copying them from the finder.

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    Basically Error -36 is an I/O error, but many situations can cause it:

    • It is symptomatic of bad media. If you see this error while copying from one hard disk to another, then you may have bad media and it can indicate bad blocks or a failing drive. When I encounter this error, my first action is to update my backups asap!
    • It may be a permissions problem - you may not have permissions to access some items in the Aperture library. This can easily be fixed by using the Library First Aid Tools, repair permissions, etc. This can be caused by sharing the library between users or accessing the files from outside Aperture.
    • It may be a case of unreadable filenames for some image versions or originals in your library - filenames that are too long or contain special characters. This can happen, when you are syncing your library with web services that create filenames from captions, like Facebook, copy between disks with the wrong formatting, or access your library in other ways from outside Aperture.