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Does any one know much about the new Card slot reader on the rmbp?

SDXC  (Secure Digital Extended Capacity) 4G B to 2 TB.

I am trying to learn how I would use this slot.  A lot of people don't use the Express slots , I never do on my MACBOOKPRO 2008 late edition.  but i want to take advantage of this new rmbp and use everything I can.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3), 2013 Early rmbp
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    The usual use for this slot is to read photos off a camera memory card.

  • John Galt Level 8 (45,943 points)

    You can do just about everything with an SD card that you can do with any mounted volume, including using it as a boot device:


    About the SD and SDXC card slot

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    Hi John, Thank you,  I heard today that you cannot BOOT using this SLOT.  Do you have a link to something that says what you are saying?

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    that is what i heard on one website.  There seems to be some different views from different people on what all this slot can do.  I was reading today and one website says you can boot from it and one says you cannot.    OWC told me that this is not like a normal SSD or any hard drive.  It is much differnt.  Personally Why Did Apple CHOOSE to put this on the new RMBP?  I don't get it.  I liked the Express Slot better i wished they had not have changed it.  But I am thinking that this was done for people who are using MBP for Editing and Movies and MEDIA...........Those Cards are very Expensive.  Not to mention the Upgrade from 250 GB SSD to 500GB SSD and then 750SSD  , I went with the 250 SSD to start with.  But was hoping to use this SLOT for extra SSD space.

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    myfz6 wrote:


    ...  Do you have a link to something that says what you are saying?


    #12 in the above posted link:

    Can I install Mac OS X on an SD storage device and use it as a startup volume?

    Yes. Change the default partition table to GUID using Disk Utility, and format the card to use the Mac OS Extended file format to do so.

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    Thanks a lot John.  Do you have a suggestion on the type or brand of Cards?  and what is the most GB of Space that I can get in a Card?

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    a little reading upon this and you will find out just what all things can be done.  i was really surpised to find out the things I can do with this NEW SLOT.  I do miss the Express Card /34 Slot i have to admit.  But I am going to LOVE having MORE SSD ROOM NOW........I cannot wait to get a 250 GB Card they are so expensive..........Maybe one day they will make a 1TB SDXC Card.

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    There are 256 GB cards available now but the price per GB rapidly exceeds a very approximate $1 after about 128 GB. It's over $2 per GB for the Lexar 256 GB. Larger capacities are certain to become available, and the Mac will be able to use the maximum specified by the standard (2 TB).


    As for speed, there are people who obsess about such things; I am not one of them. For my purposes speed is less of a concern than capacity. Speed is likely to be limited by hardware other than the card itself anyway.


    I do recall reading that there are wide differences in speed so read user reviews and compare.