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The name of your computer “iMac-D49A20FF7A3E (2)” is already in use on this network. The name has been changed to “iMac-D49A20FF7A3E (3)”.


To change the name of your computer, open System Preferences and click Sharing, then type the name in the Computer Name field.

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    You generally get this error when you already have a Mac in your home network that has the same name.


    If you use a program that does a copy or your hd when you setup your a new Mac, they will keep the same name.  Also if you were to move HD's between new computers.


    Easiest fix is to just go into systems preferences, click on the sharing icon, and then type a new name for the computer(s).

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    Sometimes this message means that you have two simultaneous connections to the same local network: probably Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Disconnect the Ethernet cable or turn off Wi-Fi.


    Sometimes it happens because a device that gets its network address from the router wakes from sleep, and the address it was using before has been assigned to another device.


    Rename the computer in the Sharing preference pane.