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Violetrox Level 1 (0 points)

It's really bothering me.

iPod touch, iOS 4.2
  • Elitegate Level 4 (1,090 points)

    You want to update to a newer version from 4.2, right? Well, a 2G iPod can only run 4.2.1 or lower.

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    It was, before I restored it, running whatever was the most recent, with all the apps working perfectly, and now only 2 are compatible...maybe it's a 3rd gen? I am not actually certain, but it is quite old.

  • lllaass Level 10 (175,790 points)

    Many developers when they updated their apps to support iOS 5 and 6 dropped compatibility for iOS 4.2.1 and earlier.

    Your only way is if you have the version that was compatible on your computer such as in the recycle bin/trash or in a computer file backup. In that case delete the current version that is in your iTunes App library and replace it with the older version. Then sync.