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I discovered my PowerBook G4 stuck on a blue screen recently.  I had found an old thread on this issue and attempted to repair by starting with the "command/option/P/R" keys, waiting for three "bongs", then holding the "shift" key down after the third "Bong".  No success. It went from the grey Apple screen with the progress gear, to the blue screen. 

I retried this operation several times, and have now noticed upon the initial start, I am hearing a 1 or 2 second beep, followed by the startup "Bong".  I get the same results as mentioned above.

I have run Disk Warrior starting it with the "C" key and running through all the available repair/rebuild options.  Disk Warrior reports a few repaired bugs.

Restarting normally yields the same results as above.


Is there anything else I can try here?


Thanks for your help!