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So, I have this 15" MBP that has become, well, a nightmare in not so many terms.


I got it about 4-5 years ago and everything was fine up till last year.


My display started freaking out with colors, lines, weird characters. Very "Matrix" like.


So I took it in and they (apple store) sent it to be fixed. I got it back a week later and had to pay the $400, which sucked, but I had to do it to get it back.


I find out a few days later from a friend/customer (this is used for my business) that what I experienced was a recall on the model I have, so I dhouldnt have even paid to have it fixed! But, it was obviously too late.


Fast forward to last week. The **** MBP starts doing the same exact thing!!!! So I take it back in and explain the situation, how it's a RECALLED ISSUE and that they need to fix it.


Well, in not so many terms, I was told "too bad. Nothing we can do. Buy a new one." ARE YOU EFFING SERIOUS?!? Like I'm made of money...


So now, my business is suffering because I can't use the MBP without it freaking out on me and being absolutely useless.


I think Apple needs to stand by their word and simply replace the whole thing!


If this wasn't a KNOWN issue which caused a massive recall on all these models, I wouldn't be ********, but it is. It's a manufactured logic board problem and they need to do something about this, not tell me "oh well! But a new one!"


Does anyone know if they have email support?


Like I said, if this wasn't a recall or this wasn't for my business, I would simply deal with it, but it's their problem and I need my MBP fixed PRONTO!!


Sorry, for the rant, but if anyone has any tips/tricks/hints/leads, I am all ears!!


Thanks in advance!!



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    Yes there was a recall, and the recall period lasted almost four years.  It's now over.


    I would suggest that your best bet would be to call AppleCare (you should be able to find their number for your local region on Apple's support website) and ask to be transferred to a senior representative for the MBP line.  Explain your situation (you may have to explain your story at a couple of steps as you work your way up the ladder).  Be polite; this is not the time to go on a rant.


    Highlight the fact that you already paid out of your own pocket to have this issue addressed as you missed the recall period but that the replacement part is now failing.  The key issue should be (in my opinion) that you expect the replacement part to last for a reasonable period of time (ie, more than a year) and that if it is also having this problem then you believe it is reasonable for them to replace it this time as a defective part.


    Be prepared (and even proactively offer) to send them scans of your work orders/receipts from the previous repair.


    Essentially, what you are looking for is a senior rep to make an exception for you and authorize a repair; there is likely no obligation for Apple to do anything at this point.  So again, I recommend being as polite as possible.


    And if they say "no", then they say no...

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    <edit: g_wolfman beat me to it... and it looks like we think nearly identically.  I think we've conveyed pretty much exactly the same points.>


    There was not technically a recall on systems with the nVidia GPU issue, but Apple did extend the original warranty from 1 to 4 years for machines that exhibited that problem.  Details on the repair extension may be found here:




    So, if  your machine is one of those listed and the problem was, indeed, the nVidia issue, it would have qualified for the extended warranty.  It's not entirely clear if your machine would have still been covered when you first brought it in as you indicated you got it four or five years ago and you brought it in last year.  You would need to determine exactly when you purchased it and when you initially brought it in.


    If the original problem was the nVidia GPU and you were within the extended warranty, you can probably give Apple a call and push a bit.  Apple does not provide support via email (email is not a particularly effective way of providing support). 


    Give Apple Support a call at the correct number which can be found here:




    Explain the situation to them.  Keep in mind that the folks you are talking to are not the same people you dealt with at the store.  Be considerate and keep your cool.  If the support rep you speak with is unable to come to a resolution that you're happy with, ask to speak with a Customer Relations Representative.  They have a bit more authority with respect to authorizing repairs.  Just remember that you have a machine that is about five years old at this point and you're asking them to repair it for free.  So, this isn't something they "have" to do.  In fact, it's something that most companies probably wouldn't do.


    Hopefully it will work out for you.  Let us know how you make out.

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    Call Apple Customer Relations - 1-800-767-2275.  Ask politely & firmly that you want to be transferred to Customer Relations.  Tell them exactly what you stated in your post.
















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    4 or 5 years ago makes it a 2008 or 2009 model and there are four 15 inch variants within that range. I am unaware of any recall for any of them, so your friend may simply have been misinformed.


    I think Apple would know if it were subject to a recall.


    I think Apple needs to stand by their word and simply replace the whole thing!


    "Their word" is Apple's written warranty, which is certainly inapplicable after four or five years. Repairs are guaranteed for 90 days. From what you described Apple met these obligations, so pursuing a claim at this point will be a waste of your time.


    Does anyone know if they have email support?


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    4 or 5 years ago makes it a 2008 or 2009 model and there are four 15 inch variants within that range. I am unaware of any recall for any of them, so your friend may simply have been misinformed.


    See Article: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS2377 MacBook Pro: Distorted video or no video issues

    These computers were manufactured between approximately May 2007 and September 2008


    CR is extending the above on a case by case basis.  I was one of those cases.

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    Thank you all for the replies! I'm going to call them now.


    On a side note: do some of the newer models of MBP still have FireWire ports, cause that's a must have for me.



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  • John Galt Level 8 (44,625 points)

    John Galt wrote:


    FireWire is gone.


    Correction: FireWire remains available only on non-Retina MBPs.