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Has anyone tried using this audio interface with 10.8? Has the company provided drivers for 10.8? I looked at their site but didn't find the Mac 10.8 driver.

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 2.3GHz Intel Core i5,8GB 1333MHz D
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    How about almost two years later getting an update? haha.  I can confirm that indeed this DOES work with 10.8.... And it also works with 10.10.2!  YTou don't need any drivers.  It's plug 'n play, and the sound improvement is amazing!  Go for it!  I have two of these, and I'm thinking about snagging more when they pop up on eBay for cheap.

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    I'm replying to this thread because I wanted to get in touch specifically with the OP, who said in an earlier thread (that has since been locked):


    I still can't grasp the use of trademark names like FCP XML [heck, even the acronym should be under copyright] by 3rd party developers who don't even make the software functional. I stepped into this pile 10 years before the technology was ready for use.Rant.