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The new app update interface in iTunes 11.0.3 has some nice features, but is broken if you own apps bought from multiple country App Stores or multiple iTunes accounts.


OK, drilling down into updates is a little cumbersome. You must click on "Apps" on the lefthand side; then the "Updates" tab up the top, and then the "Update All Apps" button in the bottom righthand corner.


But if you own apps from more than one App Store, then you are really stuffed! The "Update All Apps" might update some of the apps, but as soon as it gets to one from the "other" (not logged-in) App Store, it will stop work and up pops a dialog box: "Account Not In This Store: Your account is not valid for use in the [logged-in country] store.  You must switch to the [other not logged-in] store before purchasing."


The "Update All Apps" process stops and doesn't download any more apps from the logged-in store and you must manually work out which apps are available in the logged-in store and right-click and select "Update App" from the pop-up menu. Then you have to login to the other store and do the same thing.


iTunes should keep on going and try updating all the apps in the logged-in store, just like 11.0.2 and earlier did.


Does anybody have a solution?

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3), iTunes 11.0.3