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I have an a1229 that is my work horse. It has always run hot and i have had to be careful with it on my lap but it is recently running nuclear hot. I've been having issues with my charger and noticed it had carbon on the leads going into the computer. On further inspection i had the same carbon/scorch marks on the dc/in. I started to have to try connecting it a bunch of times and manipulating it just so to make it charge. I cleaned the ends on both but it had little effect. I started seeing a dull green light which after some research i thought indicated the dc/in was failing so i replaced it. This didn't seen to help. Now my computer is going nuclear and looks like it has melted the inside of the chargers plugs and isn't letting the the two outer nubs that can retract push out again. I think this is the issue with getting it to charge but why is it getting so hot? I installed smcfancontrol but even jacking the fans way up it runs at about 130 degees and where the charger plugs in is too hot to touch. I'm sensing a slow death i can't afford and i've now messed up mine and my wife's chargers. Any ideas?